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adventure island game boy roms

Adventure Island Game Boy ROMs - The story revolves around the protagonist Master Higgins in the journey to rescue Princess Tina from the evil Evil Witch Doctor. As Master Higgins, you will be an adventure on an island in the beautiful South Pacific where you will have to overcome many different levels of play divided into eight areas.

Adventure Island Game Boy ROMs - In each area, you will have to fight with a powerful boss. In the beginning, you will be given eleven lives, when you encounter rocks or hit enemies, an amount of character HP will be lost, if exhausted you will lose one life.

Adventure Island Game Boy ROMs - In your journey, you can also collect many fruits to increase HP, and to increase your life, you need to accumulate a certain number of points. Your only weapon is a stone ax that can be used to throw at enemies. Also during the game, you will also receive the help of different animals that act as the amount to help you attack enemies or swim underwater.

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